In early March, I will record a radio interview for and I am excited about that, and looking forward to promoting my book, but more so of helping people to deepen their relationship with Christ.

I am also hoping that a chapter from the book will feature on The Pneuma Review, and that it can spark useful dialogue and discussion as well as promoting the book. The Pneuma Review will also feature the book in a full review at some point.

These are exciting developments and I look forward to seeing what impact they have.

These are also exciting days at City Gates Baptist Church in Edinburgh, where I am based. More on that soon.

There is a constant debate about spritual gifts, and, while a full discussion lies beyond the remit of this blog, I will say this: Spiritual gifts do NOT cause division. It is misuse of spiritual gifts that causes division. It is not enough to know about spiritual gifts or to try and use them. We need to know HOW to use them, and all that entails. There seems to be a lot of teaching about spiritual gifts around, but comparatively little about how they should be used.

I will also say this: We need every gift that God has given to us. Only human arrogance would say that that we do not need what God has given, and only human hard-heartedness would refuse what God has given. We need the fulness of God in Christ, and not merely the parts we happen to like, while ditching the parts that offend our pride. All of us for all of Jesus. To hell with half measures and telling God what he can and cannot do. He is Almighty God. Worship him. Love him. Know him. In fullness.