Here are some external links that will take you away from the Christ-Centered Life website. I am pleased to feature and support the following:

Compassion are releasing children from poverty by giving them an education and providing for their basic needs through the monthly donations of their sponsors.

Disabilty and Jesus are people who tell their stories of how profoundly difficult it is for disabled people to be seen as real people with real lives and real stories. Check out their website, and grow in understanding, in compassion – but most of all – in action.

Tearfund are Christians who are passionate about ending poverty and they work tirelessly in many countries of the world where they seek to meet basic human needs and to give people integrity and purpose. Jane and I have supported Tearfund for a long time and we regard them as being a charity with dignity and integrity.

Here is a link to Chris Bowater‘s website, where you can you find about the man and his music. I am delighted to support and honour such a Christ-centered man of God. Like Chris, make me Lord a dreamer for your kingdom…

Garth Hewitt is a singer, songwriter, priest, author, troubadour, activist who seeks to follow Jesus and to discover what that means in terms of loving and caring for all peoples and valuing the planet on which we live. His book Against The Grain is reviewed on this site.

Alan Ross has been a friend for many decades and I am delighted to support him and his prophetic ministry. You can now check out his new website that gives you information about the man and the work that he does in the kingdom of God’s Christ. Blessings Alan, and let’s meet up regularly!

Rebecca Hardie is an Edinburgh based singer-songwriter and worship leader whom I am delighted to have featuring on the Christ-centered Life website where you can read about her and her first studio album. Rebecca is a professional music teacher, and you can read about her on her own website at RebeccaHardieMusic.

Jonathan Downie at Integrity Languages specialises in getting event management agencies and businesses the international attention they deserve with his conference interpreting services, public speaking, and content writing.

Hibbards are a leadership development consultancy supporting senior leaders to achieve their best in the global marketplace by enabling leadership growth, team development, and organisational effectiveness.

Check out The Pneuma Review for papers and discussions on relevant subjects for pastors, ministry leaders, etc. There is a vast amount of valuable content on this site.

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library contains a huge amount of books, papers, and other material that is available for free download, and the link will take you to the page of the authors listed alphabetically where you can search for the items that you are looking for, or simply browse.