Teaching Courses

There are details here of my teaching courses that are available under the “Christ-Centered Life” banner. These courses are intended to help disciples of Jesus the Christ to grow in their relationship with him and with one another. Each course is designed to enable deep to call to deep, and to help people to experience more of the life and love of YHWH. These courses are primarily designed for group work, whether groups large or small, but they could also be used on a one-to-one basis. All of the courses are very suitable for groups who can grow together in a secure and confidential environment. They can be taught during special times and days, or as part of house groups, or special occasions, or distance courses, and so on.

All of these courses are interactive ministry – they are not merely academic – and all of them are designed to lead into a deeper and more intimate relation with Jesus the Christ who is YHWH. Ministry times and prophetic times add to the value of the course since the courses are designed to bring about life changes – they are not merely educational.

Please be aware that these courses are long and will take time to get through, typically five or six months. For example, Go DIG usually meets once a week and typically lasts for around five or six months. Likewise, most of the other courses can each last a few months, and that time is needed for each course in order to do justice to the teaching, the ministry times, and to the receiving of the course material. Over time, more courses are added, so please check back to see what is new. Please contact me if you are interesting in hosting a course, and we can discuss the possibilities and logistics.