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On this page you will find links to books, articles, papers and so on (that are written by other people) that I believe are valuable to those who would seek to live in a Christ-centered way. These books (etc) are also relevant to the subjects covered in my papers that are available under the ‘Thought’ page, and they can help you in your thinking as you seek to know Jesus the Christ in ever greater intimacy.

The documents that are linked below are well worth reading in their own right, and they are here because I recommend them in their own right. Some of them have been a help to me down through the years as I have grown in my own relationship with Christ.

Many of these books have also helped me to be a person who thinks primarily with my heart, and not just with my head. Why is that important? Because love is not logical, yet YHWH is love. If our relationship with YHWH in Christ is purely logic driven, then we will never get to know him in any real depth. Surely we want to grow deeper in our love relationship with YHWH in Christ.

The love of YHWH that the Hebrew Scriptures speak of is YHWH’s self-sacrificial covenant love that loves the unlovable while demanding nothing in return. Such a sacrificial love is what is required of us as we hand ourselves over to Jesus the Christ in total surrender and so continually grow to be like him as we learn to love other people as we love ourselves. Love will always take action to make itself and its ways known.

Many of these books have helped me to grow on in thinking in a holistic way with my whole being. Such holistic thinking is driven by love, and not by logic. Such holistic thinking focuses on the person of Christ himself, and not merely on the things of Christ or about Christ. We know the ways of Christ best when we know Christ himself.

The books, articles and papers available here are usually in pdf or Word format. Simply click on a title to open and then save or download. All of the books on this page are either already in the public domain or are available as free downloads elsewhere. If you are looking for a particular work or just want to browse through a huge collection of books and papers, the Christian Classics Ethereal Library is where you need to go.

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