YHWH’s Gifts, Leadership And Callings

Now, perhaps more than ever, the church universal needs people who have the experience and the wisdom to explore the gifts of YHWH, to grow into leadership, and to embrace the callings that YHWH has placed upon their lives. This course is designed to fulfil that need.

We will look in detail at the gifts of the Father, the gifts of the Son, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit – perhaps realising for the first time that they are all different, that they all have different functions, and that they all have a different sphere of ministry.

  • YHWH’s gifts are not about status – they are gifts of relationship…
  • YHWH’s gifts are not about power – they express servanthood…
  • YHWH’s gifts are not about merit – they are the fruit of grace…
  • YHWH’s gifts are not decorations – they are the manifestations of YHWH at work…
  • YHWH’s gifts glorify YHWH – not the human beings who manifest those gifts…

Since all good gifts come from YHWH, they tell us something about YHWH:

  • YHWH’s gifts are grounded in the nature of YHWH – love…
  • YHWH’s gifts flow from the nature of YHWH – love…
  • YHWH’s gifts work according to the nature of YHWH – love…

YHWH’s gifts produce fruit through the nature of YHWH in and through his peopleif his people use the gifts properly

When we know YHWH’s nature through our personal knowing of him himself – then we can know our own nature through our personal knowing of ourselves in the light of YHWH…


The gifts of the Father are active gifts that are the pioneer people themselves who are given to the world in order to extend the kingdom of YHWH into the world…


The gifts of the Son are active gifts that are the people themselves who are given to build up the body of Christ in order to prepare his people for works of service…


The gifts of the Spirit are reactive gifts that are circumstance orientated and are manifested through anyone as the Spirit chooses

None of this is about status or power – it is all about relationship:

  • Everything good that we give we have already received from YHWH…
  • If YHWH does not give to us – then we have nothing to give to anyone else…
  • If we will not receive from YHWH – then we have nothing to give to anyone else…
  • If YHWH has given us all things in Christ – then we have all things to give to all who will receive from us…
  • We need to realise receiving that we may realise giving
  • In the kingdom of YHWH, giving causes multiplication – not subtraction…

All of this has to do with the kingdom of the Christ being made known to this world…


1 Corinthians 13 is often touted as being the definitive definition of love, when, in fact, it is nothing of the kind. Indeed, that passage has more negativity that it does positivity, so it is a strange definition from that perspective. However, the true context of 1 Corinthians 13 – with regard to the previous and following chapters – is the wise use of the gifts of YHWH. This has importance for every aspect of human relationships, and not just ministry in its various forms and styles. Therefore:

Wisdom determines how a gift is to be used…

Wisdom determines when a gift is to be used…

Wisdom determines where a gift is to be used…

Wisdom determines why a gift is to be used…

Wisdom determines if a gift is to be used…

Wisdom determines your body language…

Wisdom determines your tone of voice…

Wisdom determines whether you touch…

Wisdom determines how you touch…

We will explore all of this in detail, and with particular regard to the most practical of applications.


Power is the Greek word ‘dunamis’ and it speaks of the ability to effect change by force that produces motion

This does not mean force against someone’s will, but rather that change – especially internal and invisible change – is real change that has a real impact and real consequences resulting from the change…

Neither is ‘dunamis’ a destructive force that destroys things or people, and nor does it damage them…

Power is the ability to effect real and lasting change…

YHWH’s power is amazing because it has the ability to change a person from the inside out

No other power in creation can match that

We will explore how the power of the Spirit was manifested through Jesus during his ministry years, and we will learn how best to work within our own ministry years.


The people in Jesus’ hometown had a problem with Jesus – and the problem was that they knew him of old; he had grown up with them. They took offence at Jesus.

Their Jesus was just an ordinary guy in an ordinary family – he was one of the boys. Therefore, instead of recognising what YHWH was doing in Jesus – they took offence at him. “Who does this man think he is?”

Even Jesus’ own family turned against him for a while and wanted him placed under house arrest. Some people among the crowds were saying that Jesus had ‘gone out of his mind’, and the expression they used suggested that Jesus was demon possessed.

Perhaps today we should speak of a prophet having honour – except in their own home church.


This is one phrase that has had a house of cards built upon it through the last few decades. Actually, it is not so much a house of cards as it is a mountain of cards.

Being filled with the Spirit has much more to do with communal living – being together – than it does with self-centred individualism. It is virtually nonsense for me to say that I am filled with the Spirit if I am alone and in isolation from the body of Christ, since my being filled with the Spirit is for the benefit of others.

So what does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?


Now we come to one of the most abused concepts in Scripture. It is a concept that has been turned into a holy medal of honour. It has been used to demonstrate ‘super Christian’ status.

As we explore what the Scripture has to say about being baptised in the Holy Spirit, we will also examine its close link to baptism in water.


What does it mean to be anointed by the Spirit? What is that about? YHWH anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and with power…

YHWH anointed Jesus for the particular work that Jesus was to do. This was life-changing action in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform people from the inside out…

The Spirit of YHWH anointed Jesus to bring good news to the marginalised, to the outcasts, to the rejected, to the despised, to the beggars, and to all the other poor – who were exactly the people that Jesus came to draw near to. The marginalised, the outcasts, the rejected, the despised, the beggars, and all the other poor needed Jesus – and they knew that they needed to meet this Jesus. So they went to him

Without the anointing, there is no good news – only mere words…

The person who is anointed by YHWH enables change in people’s circumstances. The Spirit who anoints the person enables change in people’s hearts. Anointing enables change from the inside out.


Jesus is the:

  • Heir of all things…
  • Creator of all things…
  • Reflection of YHWH’s glory…
  • Imprint of YHWH’s very being…
  • Sustainer of all things…

If we do not pay great attention to what we have heard, we will drift. Sooner or later, drifting will cause shipwreck. Too many Christians have allowed their salvation to drift into shipwreck one way or another. You cannot drift into salvation. The gift of Jesus is for all who will receive him, who will grow in him, and in whom will live and move and have their being.


What are the differences between a man and a woman? Let me rephrase that: What are the godly differences between a man and a woman? Man and woman are equal – but different. Man and woman are different – but complementary.

What are the implications on identity and gender for marriage? What is headship about? And never forget that people who are LGBTQ+ still fall within the creation of YHWH from whom male and female gender originated.

Humankind was made in the image of YHWH – and YHWH created humankind male and female, for both male and female gender (NOT sexuality) were in the Godhead.

In leadership terms, either man or woman can lead – and the best and most effective leadership teams are always mixed gender leadership teams. The leader of an effective mixed gender leadership team can be male, female, transgender, and sop on – for all are fully capable of leadership.


Power and authority are frequently confused and cause the words to be used interchangeably. The difference is simple but profound, and living lives devoted to Christ will greatly benefit from experiencing, and thus knowing, the difference between them.


We look at the life of King David from the old covenant Scriptures and learn some very important concepts for our own lives in our day.

Letting go of the past is often a very difficult thing for churches to do. Letting go of past leaders is often a very big issue for churches. Churches and organisations need to let go of the past, they need to let go of previous leaders, and they need to look to the future.

New leaders need to let go of past leaders. New leaders are not to be compared with past leaders. If new leaders do not let go of past leaders, then the church or organisation will not let go of past leaders, either.

“The good old days” are a myth to thrown away, and the future needs to be the focus of effort and belief. This also applies to each individual church member, it also applies to each disciple of Christ, and everyone needs to be focused on the new thing that YHWH is going to do.

Leaders under YHWH need to focus forwards, not backwards. Leaders under YHWH need to move forwards, not backwards. Leaders under YHWH need to be always mentoring new leaders under YHWH. Leaders under YHWH need to be always mentoring the new leaders that YHWH is choosing. When YHWH is about to do a new thing, YHWH anoints new leaders. A new thing requires new leaders.


Are church leaders mentoring and training new and emerging leaders? If we, as leaders, are merely clinging on to power, then we will certainly not disciple, mentor and train new leaders – quite the opposite in fact, we will actively discourage new leaders by whatever means are necessary.

Clinging on to power is divisive and destructive, and clinging on to power damages the church and organisation that the leader is clinging on to power in.

Potential leaders learn by watching, doing and reviewing – not by intellectual study. To personally disciple, mentor and train someone in leadership is to make yourself open, known and vulnerable. That is true accountability.

The old leadership must give way to the new leadership at YHWH’s appointed time and place. The old must end, the new must begin.

YHWH takes it very seriously when his leaders deny responsibility for their own actions, for such leaders have seriously compromised their leadership position. Leaders who will not accept responsibility for their own sin are no longer fit to be leaders under YHWH, and judgement of one kind or another will fall if those leaders will not repent and seek redemption.

Leaders who are not fit for leadership in the kingdom of YHWH should step back from leadership before their denial of personal responsibility causes YHWH to remove them. Leaders who are not fit for leadership in the kingdom of YHWH should step back from leadership for their own sake. Leaders who are not fit for leadership in the kingdom of YHWH should step back from leadership for their family’s sake. Leaders who are not fit for leadership in the kingdom of YHWH should step back from leadership for the sake of YHWH’s people.


Abram not only received YHWH’s command to go, he also received the timing for obedience to YHWH’s word. We need to move by revelation – not by speculation. Yet, Abram knew that he was to go, but he did not know where he was to go. We need YHWH’s word – but we also need YHWH’s timing for the fulfilment of that word. But we also need to know YHWH’s heart – YHWH is not a machine issuing instructions. Knowing YHWH’s heart is more important than knowing YHWH’s word – because YHWH’s word comes from YHWH’s heart.

When YHWH says that it is time to move on, do not let the status quo become a listed building. YHWH’s promises rest upon obedience to what YHWH commands, and we should never think that we can disobey YHWH but still see all of his promises to us fulfilled.

When YHWH gives you a command that is of significant importance, build an altar to YHWH in whatever way you find most meaningful, and then set out to walk in obedience to that command.


YHWH’s appearing to Moses captured Moses’ imagination and aroused his curiosity, because what Moses saw was not logical. YHWH caused Moses to turn aside from his daily routine and turn his focus upon YHWH, even though Moses did not know at that time that it was YHWH who was at work in front of him.

When YHWH had Moses’ attention, he called out to Moses by name. Moses did not reply, “Who are you?” or “What do you want?” or “Who is it?” – Moses said, “Here I am.”

We approach the living God YHWH on his terms, and Moses was told to remove his sandals because he was standing on holy ground. Like Moses, we may be afraid to meet YHWH face-to-face – but YHWH never appears to us to terrify us.

YHWH the God of history will not be messed about by one man – whether he is a national leader or a nobody – and so we may not agree with YHWH’s call, we may not like YHWH’s call, we may not want YHWH’s call, but our obedience to YHWH’s call is all that YHWH requires.

It is absolutely inevitable that, sooner or later, YHWH will offend our theology, he will confound our doctrine, he will disrupt our ethics, and he will challenge our prejudices. Then perhaps we will need our Aaron.


Knowing the evil one’s schemes will not stop you being attacked, but it will stop you being taken by surprise. Leaders need the wisdom to know when a problem is everybody’s problem, or when it just a problem for the leaders to work at. Leaders should not take on their shoulders alone that which should be shared with their people.

Crisis reveals anointing. YHWH’s leaders do not always need answers, but answers always need leaders. YHWH is training his leaders to trust him. And YHWH is training his people to trust his leaders. For the purposes of training, YHWH will use any and every circumstance, any and every person; he will use the enemy, he will use unbelievers.


When it is time for new leaders to step forward – the old leaders must step back. YHWH is still today calling the most unlikely people (in our eyes) to salvation. YHWH is still today calling the most unlikely people (in our eyes) to leadership. Be open to YHWH the Holy Spirit and don’t write anybody off!

[In what follows, I am NOT referring to a physical circumcision – but rather a circumcision of the heart.]

The true circumcision of the yielded heart is not just for men – it is for everyone and all regardless of gender, age or status. As YHWH looks at the church across our land today, he sees that many of his people are uncircumcised – they do not bear the irreversible healed wound of the new covenant. They do not have a yielded heart.

When YHWH looks at church leadership across our land today, he sees that many of his leaders are uncircumcised in their hearts – he sees that they do not bear the irreversible healed wound of the new covenant. They do not have a yielded heart.

A church with an uncircumcised heart leadership is not fit for battle. A church with an uncircumcised heart leadership will not possess their inheritance. A church with an uncircumcised heart leadership will not meet the commander of YHWH’s army. YHWH’s sovereign and solemn call to the church today is to be circumcised with the true circumcision of a yielded heart…

YHWH’s urgent and vital call to the leaders of the church across our land today is to circumcise the people of YHWH with the true circumcision of a yielded heart. But you must understand that uncircumcised heart leaders cannot circumcise the people of YHWH.

To everyone in every church across our land who is involved in leadership in any way at all I issue this call: Be circumcised with the true circumcision of a yielded heart – or get out of leadership for your own good and for the good of YHWH’s people.


Let’s consider the ways in which Jesus showed leadership and how the apostle Paul developed that leadership in order to take Jesus to the Gentiles.

We will in more depth at the important topic of authority – what it is, and what it is not. We will consider the essential need for maturity in how we handle authority. Once again, the whole subject of leadership comes under the microscope.


We are called to be – and that has nothing to do with pride, status, power, control, position, title or job – it has to do with YHWH’s call, our response, and the growth and fulfilment of that call. YHWH’s call is never revoked, but neither does it stand still, and it may remain unfulfilled.

But we need to remember that: The appointing of ‘leaders’ is an entirely human construct – because it rests in the qualifications of the one being appointed. We also need to remember that: YHWH’s call to be (an apostle or any other calling) does not rest in the qualifications of the one being called. YHWH’s call rests in the qualifications of the one who is doing the calling.

Many short-circuits make much misunderstanding. A failure to properly engage with the reality of YHWH’s callings leads to chaotic, self-centred leadership that is on a course of self-destruction. Where the church fails to properly engage with the reality of YHWH’s callings, the chaotic and self-centred leadership that self-destructs will cause the nation to be set adrift on the Sea of Apathy. Where church leadership is detached from reality – the nation will be detached from reality. The nation will pay a heavy price for a church leadership that has failed to properly engage with the reality of YHWH’s callings.


This course is long and involved. It ties together the gifts of YHWH, leadership under YHWH, and the callings of YHWH. It involves prayer, revelation, prophecy, and a waiting on YHWH. Surely all of this is important enough to warrant our time and attention?

Get in touch with me through the ‘Contact’ page if you want to enquire about hosting this course within your church, house group, and so on.


David Broderick