Christ-Centered Life

The Christ-Centered Life series of books takes you on a life journey into a worldview in which Jesus is Lord, and everything and everyone should be viewed from that Christ-centered perspective. The books tell something of my story and how I came to be Christ-centered, and then how I came to live life every day from the Christ-centered worldview. It is a worldview that recognizes, understands, and builds on the Jewish foundation of the Christian faith and proclaims that Jesus the Christ is indeed the supreme Lord of all.

On this website you can also read about my journey from pastor to published author and know something of my own life journey as I came to self-publish “The Christ-Centered Life: Deep Calls To Deep”.

The Christ-Centered Life presents a radically different way to live than many Christians will have experienced. The books will certainly challenge your long-held ways of thinking, the books will certainly shake your established patterns of believing and the books will certainly question your cherished methods of doing.

“Deep Calls To Deep.”

In this first book, you can hear the call to a deeper and more intimate relationship with YHWH in Christ.

“Heaven Can Be Now.”

This second book defines heaven as the presence of YHWH: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

“Seven Golden Lampstands.”

This third book in the series explores what YHWH is saying and doing in Scotland through John 15 and Revelation 1 to 3.

If you yearn for that deeper experience of Christ, these books will will help you to grow into a deeper relationship with him as you see and to know him and the world from a Christ-centered perspective.