Here you will find details of books that help us to know Jesus the Christ better and are in the Christ-centered theme. This section of the website will feature books by Christ-centered authors. Initially, it will feature only my own books, but I want to expand it over time to feature books by other Christ-centered authors and give them a platform for exposure through this website. You can also find some very helpful books that are free to download in my Downloads page.

There is a link here to “The Christ-Centered Life” series of books. The first in the series is “The Christ-Centered Life: Deep Calls To Deep” and it was published in 2013. The second book in “The Christ-Centered Life” series is “Heaven Can Be Now” and it is ready for publication. The third book in the series is “Seven Golden Lampstands” and it is now also completed and ready for publication. There is also a link here to “The Hill Of The Lord” series of books – they are as yet unpublished.

There is now also a section on books that I have read, reviewed, and that I whole-heartedly recommend.