The third book in ‘The Hill’ series is now complete and it follows directly on from the end of book two. 

This third book rounds up and closes the series.

I do not want to give too much away, for that would detract from the experience of reading the book.

It features stories of all of the major characters from the first two books.

This book shows how the individual’s stories were intertwined, and how the different characters helped each other on their own journey.

> Friend’s Story

> Helper’s Story

> Faithful’s Story

> Reliable’s Story

Then comes the appearance of the tree.

What was the significance of the tree?

The group listened to each other’s stories while they were sat around the tree.

Then, it was time for more stories.

> Minstrel’s Story

> Minstrel’s Son’s Story

> Partner’s Story

The book then takes an unexpected twist as one more story is told.

> Reconciler’s Story

As the book draws to a close, it is time for Beginnings, and asking the question, “For?”

As the book ends, everything is drawn together, and a new future is unleashed.