The Hill is the title of a series of books which will likely be compared to the Pilgrim’s Progress literature. These books are fantasy. Perhaps. What happens when YHWH calls me to climb the hill? What happens as I journey up that hill and meet them, and many others? What of Glasgow? What of Edinburgh? What of Scotland? What of the world? Who would I meet on the journey? How would I relate to them? What would their story be? How can a fantasy relate to what we call real life? What will I learn about myself, what will I learn about others, what will I learn about YHWH?

How would YHWH relate to me as I began to climb their hill? How would I hear them? How would I see them? Why does YHWH call me to climb the hill at all? Is this going to be an experience that will change me forever? Will I really know YHWH and their guiding on the hill? And my mind is so easily distracted. Surely YHWH must have a plan in calling me to climb their hill? What milestones will mark my progress along the way? What changes will YHWH work in me as I climb in obedience to them? What is the hill?

Is the hill about me, or is it about YHWH at work in me? What will happen to me as I ascend? How will I know that it is YHWH who speaks or acts? What about the city in which I live? What about the other cities of Scotland? Or the cities of  England? Surely YHWH has purposes that are bigger than just me? How will I experience them? What will they be like?

The fantasy includes many named major cities and areas of the United Kingdom and then stretches out into Europe. It first majors on the battle for Glasgow, though firmly in the context of the bigger picture. Written in the first person, the book follows the adventures of that person as they enter the heavenly realms and encounters things beyond imagination. The spiritual battle for Glasgow has an impact far greater and beyond the city.

Is it a mere fantasy, or is it prophetic in nature? Do the books have something relevant to say to us today? You decide. Join in the adventure and be a part of the story for yourself. Neither mind nor imagination can begin to conceive what YHWH has prepared for those who love them and take them at their word. What lies beyond the hill? What of countries, nations, and continents? This world belongs to YHWH – not to human beings. What is their plan to redeem and to reclaim that world? How will ‘church’ be mobilised for what it really is? The hill is an ongoing fantasy across three books.