A Dreamer For Your Kingdom

Mountains and Woman 4

I must confess to sometimes being really surprised at the fact that some Christians will not think or dream beyond what they already know, or think they know. I ought not to be surprised, but I sometimes am.

Do we really think that we have God all worked out and that our finite minds have contained God and so understand everything that we need to know of him? Do we really think that knowing about  someone is the same as actually knowing that person?

We so easily think that Christianity is contained in our heads and that the mind rules. If we stopped to think for just a moment about our own families – irrespective of what kind of experiences we may have had in our own families – then we would realise that all our relationships are heart-based, not mind-based.

As I say elsewhere on this website, heart communication is more important than mind communication. A newborn baby cannot have a conversation with you – but it can touch your heart very deeply; especially if you gave birth to it. This leads to a revelation that shakes the foundations of many Christians’ lives: Relationship is way more important than understanding.

Christianity is not a set of beliefs or doctrines to which we must hold, and neither is it a particular way of understanding things. No, Christianity is a love relationship with Christ, and through him to Yahweh in the Holy Spirit.