50 Great Writers Contest 2016


On the 1st of August the 2016 Authors Show “50 Great Writers…” contest opens for voting. You may remember that the contest features hundreds of authors who are entered in many different categories, and my entry is in the “Religion/Spirituality” section. That section currently has just under forty authors already entered in it, though there is still time for more to join.

As a first time winner in last year’s contest, I am excited to be entering this years contest with a newly updated essay. The contest winners are chosen entirely by the public’s votes and the individual authors have no direct influence on the contest results. Voting in the first round opens on August 1st and you can access the voting page from the authors listed here:

Great Writers Authors Page

The first voting phase is open from 1st August to October 31st, and the first round winners will then go on the final stage of voting. I greatly appreciated your support in last year’s contest, and I would love to do well in this year’s contest as well. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.