Thinking and Discussing

In response to a number of discussions in which the possibilities for exploration were limited by time and occasion, I am now publishing on the website some papers that I have previously written. A number of them are papers from my time at the Scottish Baptist College from 1999 to 2003, and they were a part of my studies there.

These published papers relate to subjects that have been brought up by people at City Gates Baptist Church, but also by other people who wanted to explore topics but did not really have the opportunity to do so.

These papers are presented as starter discussion documents that first of all set out some kind of foundation for thinking aloud together, and they provide material to help a deeper exploration. To that end, they will often have a bibliography as part of them, and this will help the interested person to explore a topic that they may may not have yet explored, or to dig further into a subject that is important to them. You will find these papers here.