The music of your life is both simple and complex. It can be a simple guitar solo or a full orchestra symphony. It can be a gentle piano melody that falls like soft rain, or a heavy rock wall of sound that assaults your senses and demands your attention. Thus the music of life can feed your mood, or it can create a mood for you.

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The music of life is both joyful and sad. It can touch you in the way that you are feeling at any given moment, or it can lift you out of the place that you are currently dwelling in. The music of life can cause you to dance, or it can cause you to sit still and think deeply. It can make you remember, or it can make you forget.


The music of life plays constantly. We may not always hear it because other sounds in life drown it out. We may not always be aware of what the music of life is saying to us. Perhaps we have even shut our ears to the music of life. Perhaps our heart is hurting and the music of life seems to make the pain worse, not better.


What we hear depends upon how we are at any given moment, but the music of life never ceases. It plays all the time and never stops transmitting its message to us. The message is the same irrespective of what kind of music is playing. One plays the music, one conducts the music, and one helps our heart to receive the music.

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The music of life can be heard by us as individuals, by two or three together, or by large groups, such as at a concert. The same music may speak of different things to different people. It may evoke a different emotional response in one person than it does in another. We may hear different parts of the music giving us meaning.

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When we listen to the music of life, perhaps it evokes questions inside us; questions that may scratch where we are itching. Questions that may not be loud, but they are persistent. Who wrote the music of life? Who is performing it? Who is conducting it? And perhaps the most interesting question of all: What is the purpose of the music of life?

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