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Repairing The Damage When the server hosting my website came back online after being off for two days, it put up a five-week old version of my website. All the work that I had done on the website over the past five weeks has been lost, and I am working to restore the site again.

Finalist In Authors Show Contest I am delighted to have qualified for the finals of the authors competition at the Authors Show. Thank you so very much for all of you who voted for me. I am very grateful that you took the time and effort to do that.

ENLARGING THE WEBSITE The Christ-centered website is enlarging to include more books that I have written and will write, and books by other Christ-centered authors. Over time, I want to include bio information about the other authors featured on the website. If you have written a book and want me to consider featuring it on […]

Over the next few weeks you can vote in the first phase of The Authors show writing Contest. You will see the authors listed on this page: http://bit.ly/1P5GtGC and you can click on the authors’ names to see their entries and then vote. I have my entry on the page and you can read my writing journey there. Thank you!

City Gates Baptist Church is about ten days away from taking possession of the building that we have bought. The sale is now legal as contracts have been exchanged. All that now remains is to set an actual handover date when the keys will be given to us. I am excited about this development, as […]