Hell And A God Of Love (6)

I believe that a ‘conscious acknowledgement’ of Jesus Christ is not what rescues a person from hell and directs them to heaven in the way that some say, for I would suggest that the devil himself will one day make a conscious acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as the Lord, but not as his Lord. It will not help the enemy one iota, however, for the issue is one of knowing God, not knowing about him.

I have made clear that no-one can select the bits of Jesus that they would like to receive and leave the rest until later, and the sooner we stop giving the impression that we can do this, the better. I have shown that there is no agreement among Christians on what hell is or is not. There are major issues here that we need to wrestle with, but we need to do so in love and vulnerability – not in arrogance and exclusivism. Do we take life in Christ each day anywhere near as seriously as we should? How we face life is at least as important as how we face death.


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[There are a number of words translated as or referring to Hell in the New Testament, and I record here the words used, and where they may be found:

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