Christianity Decline In The UK (5)

Christianity in the United Kingdom today has lost touch with the world because it has lost touch with its God. The otherness that marked out the church of the New Testament has been lost and the United Kingdom is the poorer for it. The uniting of church and state has done the damage historically, and the credibility of Christianity as a living faith in the Living God has disappeared under the weight of doctrine and theology dogmatically proposed. The church has become so much a part of the world that it is impossible to tell them apart. Otherness has become sameness.

I leave Tozer to remind us that “the Church has been propagated by the Holy Spirit, so we can only worship in the Spirit, we can only pray in the Spirit, and we can only preach effectively in the Spirit, and what we do must be done by the power of the Spirit.” May it be so again in our day.


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