For All new Mothers

The new mother was very tired. Actually, no – she was utterly exhausted. Her baby was a few weeks old, and the joy of the new birth had been thoroughly mixed with the reality of having a new-born baby.

She never knew that a tiny human being could cry so much, so loudly, and so heart-wrenchingly long. Before the birth, she had of course known that her life would never be the same again, but she had not expected to feel so totally worn out and shattered – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Now, she felt that she could barely think or feel straight. She felt so totally exhausted that her emotions were really beginning to get the better of her and that she was in real danger of not coping any more. Where could she turn? Who would understand?

She cried out to God in desperation. She voiced her desperate situation to God even as her baby cried yet again. She called out to God in her agony and cried to him in words, sounds and feelings that she was not really aware of making known. What her words were unable to express her tears and sobs made known. Yet, there was no release. She felt useless, hopeless, and only a shadow of what a mother should be.

Through the tears, she told God that she was a failure and asked if he really did love her? Then, in the midst of the pain, came a still, small voice that spoke so softly that she could easily have missed it. Gentle words that were heard by her heart, and not her ears. God said to the new mother, “Do you not love your child?”

The new mother responded immediately. “Of course I love my child; how could I not love that which I gave birth to?” She sensed a gentle smile from heaven as God himself spoke to her heart. “Of course I love you my child; how could I not love that which I gave birth to?”