Redesigned Website

Welcome to the new look Christ-Centered website! I am absolutely delighted to present this fresh look website and I am very pleased with the new design. Please explore the site and, as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. You can respond to individual posts or email me from the contact links.

The background to this new site is that December had been a frustrating month with regard to this website on its previous host. A few days before Christmas my site went down and only came back two days later. Unfortunately, it was restored with a five-week old version of the site, leaving me to repeat a lot of work since it refused to import the last saved database that I had. I began the work of restoring what I had done. On Christmas Day, it went down again. This time, it was six days before it came back up.

There had also been some real historical problems in the previous time that I had the website, and the events in December finally convinced me that is was time to migrate it to a new host. I now have full control over the site, and all previous restrictions are gone. I am now looking forward to the site being up and available constantly and in my working to make the content interesting and informative. Once again, welcome to the new look Christ-Centered website.