I have recently seen a few people wanting a new paradigm in relation to following Jesus. In one sense, the Christ-centered Life is a new paradigm, but it is actually a paradigm that is 2,000 years old. The paradigm is simply this: Jesus.

Parents grow in their relationships with their children as their children grow, but the adults do not stay the same either. All of us are always growing in experience and wisdom. Relationships take time and effort, and our relationship with Jesus is no different. But the new paradigm is not believing in Jesus the way that we have always believed in Jesus.

No, the new paradigm is Christ-centeredness. Jesus is the Christ. Relationships that are not given time and commitment will decay, and our relationship with Jesus is no different. You do not grasp a new paradigm in ten minutes. Why do we expect everything just to fall into our laps? Why did we give our careers some serious time and commitment, but not our relationship with Jesus?

I have been growing in Christ-centeredness for 32 years, and I still have a way to go! If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got. A new paradigm will not come from old ways.

“The Christ-centered Life: Deep Calls To Deep” chronicles my journey into Christ-centeredness up to the end of 2012. I am busy writing the further chronicles! Beloved, we will never exhaust our relationship with Jesus. We will never come to end of him. He is worthy of all our time and effort that we can put into knowing him. Jesus is supreme.