Take The Leap Of Faith

It is so easy to settle for the ordinary. Nowhere is this more true than in our love relationship with Jesus. Our human relationships show us how important it really is to deepen those relationships so that the people with whom we have the relationships become more precious to us every day. Why, then, do we not take the leap of faith and deepen our relationship with Jesus? Why are we content to ‘believe’ or to simply have ‘Christian values’? Where is the depth?

The answer to that last question is what called “The Christ-Centered Life” into being. Deep calls to deep and Jesus calls us to a real depth of relationship with him. Friends who have known me a long time know of the abbreviation that I use: ‘NSFTO’. It means “Never Settle For The Ordinary”. So go on. Take the leap of faith. There are depths to Jesus that we cannot even imagine. Explore them.