Lightning 8

Recently on Twitter, I have seen calls for fresh insight from God. A desire expressed to go deeper. Receiving fresh insight from God usually means leaving old insight behind. That which was appropriate for us when we were spiritual babies will not sustain us in adulthood.

The Christ-Centered Life: Deep Calls To Deep is full of fresh insight. Some people find it hard to digest, but that is the nature of fresh insight. Many Christians are used to being spoon-fed basic food and have never learned to feed themselves. They have never explored the Scriptures from a Christ-centered perspective.

Yet, people are crying out for depth. So many Christians are tired of shallow thinking, shallow understanding and shallow teaching. Those who only ever eat baby food will never grow to maturity because the baby food is not good enough to sustain them as adults.

So, I hear the cry for depth. I respond to the cry for depth by featuring brief excerpts from Deep Calls To Deep in my Twitter account and exploring some of the issues raised here in this blog. I will contribute regularly here. I invite you to contribute too. You can email me at the address shown on this website. You can leave content here on the website.

If you want depth, join me in exploring the depths of Christ for yourselves. Let us learn from each other and grow together. I look forward to hearing from you.