Effort Is Required!

Everything in life that has real value takes time and effort. Relationships can be difficult. Getting to know people takes time. Sometimes friends seem more like family than family do! There are no short cuts to the good things. A child takes five years to get to five years old – there is no short cut. Maturity cannot be packaged and sold in the local store – there is no short cut. Getting to know someone in depth takes time – there is no short cut. That is why Deep Calls to Deep is a solid read. That is why it can be a difficult book to skim through. That is why it is worth reading and rereading the book to engage with it in greater and greater depth. Jesus is worth knowing and knowing ever deeper. That is what the book is really all about. Jesus is worthy of your time, your effort, and your worship. Give him your time. Give him your effort. Give him your worship.