Dave Newton of Brand Consulting and Strategic Design helps ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs to STAND OUT as the Go-To in their industry. Dave is an award winning branding and strategic design consultant who can help attract and win Ideal clients. Available resources include online courses and access to professional development material. Dave is an established author who understands and knows how to make your book stand out from the crowd. Check out Dave’s work on www.the-brand.org and begin the journey to a new image that reflects you and your mission. You can also connect with Dave in LinkedIn where you can message Dave directly.

Also highly recommended is Dave’s new website https://iconicu.com/ where you can see the benefits of membership of IconicU in continuous professional development through online training. You can subscribe to a free newsletter and receive weekly strategies and tactics that can help you to win ideal clients and grow your business. I am personally delighted that Dave has been working with me to create new graphics work for the Christ-Centered Life website, and a new logo and a new banner are the immediate evidence of his work, as well as sparking a refreshing of the overall look of this website. My videos in my YouTube channel have also benefited from Dave’s creatiivity and I am very pleased with the look. Here is the new logo that now appears at the top of each page:

The new banner that Dave created for the website is also already in use on this website, and here it is:

I was very happy to involve Dave in helping to give this website a new and fresh look, and I love the fact that Dave wanted the logo and banners to reflect who I am, and to be an accurate representation of me and my mission in the website’s appearance. IconicU is about the personal expression of who you are and what your own mission is. This making known of you is what the beating heart of the IconicU concept is all about. I heartily recommend Dave to you!