I have been elected to serve as an elder in City Gates Baptist Church where I am based in Edinburgh. I am already involved in many areas of the church’s life, and I look forward serving the church in this new capacity. Yesterday, we had a great morning service with Linda from Compassion talking about the work of Compassion, and Ian White, who led us in worship. My personal thanks to both of them, and it is great to be in a church where so many people sponsor a child through Compassion.

If you missed my book interview on the Authors Show, you can still catch it here:  Scroll down the list of book titles and you will see my book title; click it and the interview will play.

Also,one chapter of my book will be appearing soon on the Pneuma Review website, as well as a full book review later.  Their website is here:   The site has reviews of many subjects including Leadership, and one chapter of my book that will appear on the site is from my section on Christ-Centered Prayer. Keep up to date with what is happening on Twitter or here on my website blog.