Changing Our Center Can Be Hard To Do

Earth 8

There is a huge challenge for Christians with regard to lifting people’s vision higher, deeper and beyond. Christians themselves often have a low vision of Christ and themselves. Christ is seen as someone to believe in, someone to acknowledge on Sundays, but it really does not go beyond that. Christ can often be seen as a mere add-on to life.

There is such a strong focus on career in our culture. A great amount of time and effort is expended at work, leaving little time or energy for anything or anyone else. There is a certain inevitability about a primary focus on career. Family is all-too-often sacrificed on the altar of work. The years slip by and children have grown up unnoticed.

There is a great danger that we have a short-term focus that cannot see beyond the here and now. Such a narrow focus tends to place its trust in money. Perhaps only in our later years do we begin to see things differently. Our very mortality is brought to our attention. Suddenly we question what it is that is really important in life and death.

Yet, even now in the midst of such life, the kingdom of God is breaking in, breaking through and breaking up. This world’s system is due for demolition. There is something higher, deeper and beyond that calls for our attention. God’s way of lifting our vision is to firstly focus in on Jesus. I am trying to lift our eyes to see beyond what this life offers in and of itself, and look to Jesus. After all, he is the author and finisher of our faith. He is the Alpha and Omega. It is you and I who need to change, not him!