The second book is provisionally entitled “The Hill Too” and it follows directly on from the first book, taking up the story exactly where it concluded in the first book. The story in the second book is not focused on one city or one area, but takes a much wider view and deals with bigger pictures. It deals with the strategy that is required to awaken the great battleship called “Church” and to rouse its crew from a slumber that allowed the mighty ship to rust and decay. This second book has a much bigger vision than the first. 

From the top of the tower above Glasgow, to moving on to other adventures, meant leaving the city behind and moving on. Meeting Jesus led us as we saw more maps in which the city seemed to be overwhelmed. There formed a network of light – a living skeleton – and then worship before the Father in heaven made us ready for what was to come. We were then despatched to bring healing to the Son’s body as we received the knowing of our task:

“Go! I send you to My Son’s body, to my children. I send you to bring life. Revive that which is dying and is on the point of death. Bring love where there is hurt, despair, and loneliness. Let my power bring freedom where there is bondage. Let life be formed and let the body arise. Care for my people and bring them to me; I send you to them. Along the way, pick up those who are lost and dying and bring them to me. I send you as a beacon of light in the midst of darkness, and as a city set on a hill that cannot be hid. I anoint you, I clothe you and I will be with you; YHWH SHMMH, therefore be bold and do not fear, but be courageous and very strong. All that you will need, you have. My resources are at your command. The angels of heaven await to do your bidding. You are my voice, my body; through you I touch and reach and heal and save. Time is short, therefore go; and YHWH is with you.”

Dark clouds were gathering and there was no time to waste. Yet, as pilgrims for the Father, we would be misunderstood and misaligned. Then the pilgrim was alone, but not for long. We approached the immense superstructure of a bridge over a surging black river. What was that bridge? What was the sea of gold? What was the gold forest? And what was the meaning of the massive dam blocking a tiny stream? Was it inevitable that we lose some of our people?

Then came the reunion with Charismatic and the rescue from the valley. Would we take the high path or the low path at the great divide? Our journey across the floor of light to reach the castle of light brought us to a reunion and a new start. Once more, there were visions and words about Scotland. The assault on the castles of darkness above the land began in earnest at the first black castle, but the dark storms would make the path tricky and dangerous. On the way, there was the huge hole in the sky. Issues of salvation and how that must be accomplished were pushed to the back of our minds as we engaged in a struggle to rescue people from that huge hole.

The resumed approach to the massive dark castle led to a sea of gold – how could that be? – and yet, there it was. A sea of gold in which the disused battle ship ‘Church’ lay unused and dirty. The sleeping crew were roused from their stupor, and the ship sailed across the golden sea – but to where? The large building was not alive with light, but it seemed to be a good place to rest, if only for a short time. We then walked the path through golden rain until we arrived at the enormous tower. What was the meaning of that huge tower, and how should we proceed? The feeding of the multitude was a dramatic but intimate experience taught me that true understanding does not come from knowledge, but from experience. That led to the experience of the wind. 

“I heard the wind, and I felt its effects. It was as if the wind was actually passing through me. Indeed, it was as if the wind was passing through every fibre of my being. It was if the wind was scanning my entire body. Actually, it was as if the wind was scanning every part of me, and not just my physical body. Or is this a spiritual body? Or is it both? Or is it neither? I shook my head again and just focused on the wind as it moved gently but firmly and thoroughly through my deepest being.”

The experience of the Command Center was dramatic, but humbling, and it was followed by yet another meeting in a castle of light which served to highlight the fragmented nature of the church that is the body of Christ. This was emphasized even further by the experience of another castle of light, and the gift. This was a painful experience of consequences. Then, in the command center, came the experience of the hole. The Head Church and the dirty office led to the meeting with the dirty grey man.

“Here you will die.”

Deep Deposits were ready to be mined. The dais, the network, and the experience that came out of the day of small things, were next on my agenda. There was a bigger picture that was far bigger than anything I had yet experienced. Then Jesus took me for a walk with him. We walked on, but Jesus paused his speaking, and that gave me a chance to take in what he had said. I had nodded softly as I had received his words, and then he began to speak again. This time, however, Jesus paused speaking between his sentences to allow me to receive his precious words.

“The day of big things is here.”

Then there was the Processing Center. What was the Processing Center? What were its secrets? What of the dusty steps and the large pool of beautiful blue water? The crossroads was a puzzle that seemed to have no resolution.  The puzzles only grew as there was heard chuckles from heaven. It was the creatures that were dramatic. Creatures that were almost impossible to describe in mere words. 

“I was familiar with the Scriptures, both old and new, so I had a good knowledge of the different types of creatures that were described therein. Many of the creatures in front of me evoked images from the Scriptures, but were some were far beyond any concepts that my mind was familiar with. The vast crowd of creatures was facing forward, which was the opposite direction to where I was stood. They were standing, if it were even possible to describe them as standing. I looked over the vast crowd of creatures, and I was grateful that they did not appear to be aware of my presence. For now, at least.”

The great white throne showed me that I was not dead, but rather that I was more alive than I had ever been. The beach showed me that with great power. The banner was a warning that had to be heeded – but how and when?

“Embrace those who welcome the light that blinds them; beware those who hate the light that blinds them.”

It seemed like it was time to heed that warning. But how? As the milestone declared that that there was ‘No way back’, we knew that the moments ahead of us were of of great importance and of high significance. The reunion was joyful, and instrumental. The oasis was a powerful place and a restful time that quickly took on new shape and new creation. Then there was the beautiful garden. The tsunami and the valley were experiences never to be forgotten, and it was important to learn from them. As we gathered in the garden, it was clear that one chapter was ending, and another was beginning. The Hill Tree was on the way.