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Writing “Deep Calls to Deep” was a big challenge for me. This was nothing to do with the material that was in the book, for I had actually been teaching it in church for many years before the book became a reality. The challenge lay in transforming a great many teaching notes into a readable book. Virtually everything that I had taught was in sermon note form, and, unless you had heard me teach, the notes would not have been very accessible.

Their inaccessibility had nothing to do with the content (of the book), but simply to do with the form in which my sermon notes were organized. Furthermore, the teaching notes had no theological language whatsoever in them, since I was trying to teach Christ-centeredness to anyone who would listen to me. That certainly meant not that I did not use big words and theological language that would alienate my readers instead of bringing them close.

I knew that many Christians simply were not used to exploring Scripture in depth themselves, and that knowing Jesus personally was a concept that many had heard of, but had never practiced. Deep Calls to Deep was, by definition, going to need time and effort to read and explore, but I wanted every reader to be able to discover for themselves the wonder of Jesus and enjoy a personal relationship with him. The time that we take to know Christ for ourselves is the best investment that we will ever make in our lives.