Back Again!

Following an extremely unfortunate error beyond my control, my website was down for a number of days, but it’s back again. In response to one or two comments I have had, I will say that The Christ-Centered Life: Deep Calls To Deep was meant to be a deep book; the clue was in the title. I meet many Christians who are tired of shallow Christianity and weary of walking in the shallows, but often they do not know how to deepen their relationship with Christ. That is what Deep Calls To Deep is all about.

It needs time to explore the ideas, concepts and directions that are in the group. It is a difficult book simply to read like a novel, and it was never meant to be read that way. Neither do I ever claim that it is the only way to deepen a person’s relationship with Christ. I would not dare to make such a claim. All I can tell you is that it works for me! I am currently tweeting extracts from the book, and would welcome your responses. We can always go into greater detail here than we can in Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you, whatever your reaction to the book. You can always email me at the address on the home page.