To be Christ-centered is not simply to have a different opinion on things like Scripture and church. It is to have a completely new worldview. It is the world view that sees Jesus as the center, the focal point of everything. This is, I believe, totally in line with what Scripture says about Jesus and what Jesus said about himself. The Christ-centered worldview is not logic-driven, but imagination-driven.

That can be hard for us in the West to cope with, because we are so heavily infused with the Greek mindset in which the mind is supreme. In the Hebrew view of things, the heart is supreme. Little wonder, then, that we can struggle to embrace Christ-centeredness as the normal way to see things. But it is worth the effort! Stick at it and don’t give up.

Jesus wants to meet you and show you his worth. If you want to read wider, I would recommend an article called “The Priestliness of the Human Heart” by John O’Donohue as a good next step. I bless you in your journey into Christ-centeredness!