City Gates Baptist Church is about ten days away from taking possession of the building that we have bought. The sale is now legal as contracts have been exchanged. All that now remains is to set an actual handover date when the keys will be given to us.

I am excited about this development, as it will give us a far greater freedom than we have had when meeting in public buildings like schools. For example, we will be able to meet together without worrying about time limits or restrictions that are a natural part of venue hire. We will also be able to be spontaneous in ministry and service.

We are certainly looking forward to areas of ministry and service opening up to us that were not possible before. It will take time for the building to be adapted to the way that we will need it in order to accomodate all areas of our church’s life. A lot of hard work lies ahead – but a lot of excitement too! Watch this space, as well as the church’s own website. (See Links page)