Repentance, Redemption, And Renewal

It is a sad fact that, when leaders fall through sin, the Christian world immediately tends to reject and ostracize them instead of seeking their repentance and renewal. Leaders who fall in a public and a hard way are deeply wounded by their fall, and they need love and care – not abandonment.

Likewise, when a leader falls, the Christian world immediately tends to count as nothing everything that the person had done previous to that date, and that is a sad state of affairs. A fall does not negate all the good that a person has done. Furthermore, when a leader falls, they tend to have that fall nailed to their name as a permanent reminder of the fall while, at the same time, people utterly disregard everything good that the person had done.

We need to love and care for fallen leaders, and not subject them to further criticism or condemnation. Leaders who have fallen need to be cared for so that the Holy Spirit can bring his renewal to their hearts and lives.