This page gives you links to the various resources that are available on the Christ-Centered Life website. Check back to these pages regularly, as more content is regularly added to them.

BOOK DOWNLOADS takes you to a page where articles, papers and books are available for you to open or download, and these are all available free elsewhere on the Internet, or are out of copyright publications.

SERMON & TEACHING NOTES gives you access the teaching notes that I have used in sermons and teaching in City Gates church and elsewhere. These notes often contain much more than was preached or taught at the time, and they serve as a good way to explore the subjects further.

THOUGHT is a page packed with various papers mostly written by me. Some were from my time at the Scottish Baptist College (1999-2003) and are therefore essentially academic papers that have been adapted for this website. Others are explorations, meditations and other ideas that you may find interesting.