On Sunday 17th May 2020, I preached on “Dealing With Addiction” in City Gates Church’s online morning service. That video recording had a huge impact and attracted almost 400 viewings. You can watch the service with the original message at the City Gates YouTube Channel. The immediate response to what I shared on the City Gates service made it very clear that it touched hearts and that it was an important message for our time.

We saw a massive explosion in online gambling during the lockdown in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with that increase in online gambling has come a massive rise in people with gambling addictions. Addiction knows no boundaries, and can affect anyone in any family in any place and at any time.

In the weeks that followed the City Gates service being broadcast, I worked on the subject of “Dealing With Addiction” and enlarged and adapted the talk. I was also asked to make a version of that video talk for the Baptist Union of Scotland, and I did so. The updated video recording of that subject is here for you to watch. 

I speak here from my own experience of addiction. I want people to understand addiction, to empathise with the addict, and to be able to help people in the event of addiction. Addiction impacts family and friends of the addict, and not just the addict.

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