There are various teaching and preaching videos on this page that I recorded at various times and occasions. They are messages that I believe have particular significance for the church in the UK in the circumstances in which we find ourselves in 2020. These videos are also on my own YouTube channel and can be viewed there as well.


David explores presence and makes the distinction between us having YHWH’s presence with us and being AWARE of YHWH’s presence with us.


It is time to seek intimacy with YHWH and his Son Jesus the Christ. It is time to move out into the deep instead of remaining in the shallows. It is time to hear from YHWH what he is saying and doing in Scotland and in the UK in these days. It is time to walk “The Road To Intimacy.”


We saw a massive explosion in online gambling during the lockdown in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with that increase in online gambling has come a massive rise in people with gambling addictions. Addiction (of any kind) knows no boundaries, and can affect anyone in any family in any place and at any time.

I speak here from my own experience of addiction. I want people to understand addiction, to empathise with the addict, and to be able to help people in the event of addiction. Addiction impacts family and friends of the addict, and not just the addict. Please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page if I can help in any way. 


Worry is something that affects most people at some point on their lives. In the summer of 2020 when we see that the Coronoavirus pandemic is not going away and may even be starting a second wave, may people have a lot to worry about. Are we right to worry? What is worry? What did Jesus have to say about worry? And how do the other Scriptural authors speak about worry? Here is my reflection on “Dealing With Worry.”



Grace is a subject that is often preached from the perspective of the God of grace making his grace known to us in Christ Jesus. However, how does that grace reach out through each of us to those around us at church, at work, at play, and so on? This message is about the outworking of grace.