Spoken Word

Hard Of Hearing 1

On this page you will find various spoken word recordings that you can listen to. The recordings from the sermons that I preached recently at City Gates Baptist Church are available for you to listen to on the church’s own website. This page contains recordings of me teaching that were never on the City Gates website, or that are no longer available on the church’s website. Simply click to listen to a recording. Many of these sermons have teaching notes available on the “Sermon and Teaching Notes” page.

As of May 2018, this recording of a sermon entitled “Prophecy And The Prophetic” was the most played recording on the City Gates iTunes podcast page. When it was finally removed from iTunes in May 2018, it had been played well over a hundred times, and it was the first City Gates podcast to break the century marker. The accompanying notes are available on the Sermon and Teaching Notes page of this website.


Until February 2018, this sermon had the most plays on the church’s website and is an introduction to the book of Judges. I preached it on 12th February 2017 and comprehensive notes are available on my website (under ‘Sermon and Teaching Notes’) that contain far more information than there was in the preached sermon.


I preached a sermon on “Prophets” on 5th March 2017, and it looked at the prophets of the Old Testament and what we can learn from them in relation to prophets today. The notes accompanying this sermon are on the “Sermon and Teaching Notes” page and contain more information than what was preached.


Psalm 88 is rarely read – let alone preached! Yet it was included in the Psalter for a reason. Here is my thinking about Psalm 88 as contained in a sermon I preached on 23rd October 2016, and the notes are on the “Sermon and Teaching Notes” page.


The sermon I preached on “Scripture as Meditation” on April 3rd 2016 was intended to encourage to read, reflect and meditate on Scripture, and not just to assume that what they had always thought was, in fact, correct. The notes are available for this sermon, and they provide a good starting foundation for learning to meditate more deeply on Scripture.


On 20th March 2016, I preached on “I AM The Resurrection and the Life” and I examined what Jesus meant by that claim. Was it a claim? Or was it truth? And what did it mean that, although he had not yet then been crucified, he already declared that resurrection and life were in him?


On 31st January 2016, I preached on “I AM Truth” looking at what it meant that Jesus was truth and how he communicated that to the people around him. It especially focussed on the claim by Jesus that he himself was truth – rather than the law or doctrine.


In 2016 City Gates had a teaching series entitled “Jesus, Voice of Hope” and this sermon called “Voice Of Hope” that I preached on January 10th looked at how Jesus was the voice of hope and what that meant in his Jewish context and culture. It then considered how we can be a voice of hope in our world today.


Here is a sermon I preached at City Gates Baptist Church just before Christmas 2015. The subject was “Dreams and Visions” and it was a standalone sermon that was not part of a teaching series and it never appeared on City Gates church’s website.


In March 2015, I was delighted to record an interview for the Authors Radio show. It is still available in archive on their website where you can listen to it along with many other interviews, but you can also listen to that interview here.


Here is one of my City Gates sermons from May 10th 2015. It is called “YEARNING AFTER RIGHTEOUSNESS” and I explore what that means, and I consider its implications for all of our relationships. You can hear many more recent sermons – not just mine – on the church website.


Here is an older sermon that I preached at the evening service in Queen’s Park Baptist Church in Glasgow (where I belonged for twenty-one years) on September 22nd 2002. It explores the subject of ‘Guilt’ from Psalm 51.