from 10am to 4pm

Alan Ross is a nurturing pastor, a visionary prophet, and an insightful academic who, for over twenty years, has traveled the world as a prophetic voice to the nations and has ministered prophetically to countless people in over twenty states in the USA, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Indonesia, Myanmar, Andorra, Netherlands, Haiti, Jamaica and Ecuador.

Clem Ferris has traveled to over thirty-five nations for over twenty-five years equipping and building up believers and churches through a strong prophetic ministry allied with powerful teaching. Clem serves on the oversight teams of ten churches, as well as on the board of Grace College of Divinity. Clem has a special burden for the UK and Ireland.

Rebecca Hardie is a Scotland-based singer and songwriter and mum to three wee boys. Rebecca recently launched her first album “Dust To Diamonds” and you can buy a copy at the conference. Having been involved in worship from a young age, Rebecca has always longed to use her God-given talents for God and to draw people into his life-changing presence through worship. Rebecca is based in City Gates church in Edinburgh.


This conference was born out three questions:

  1. What new thing does YaHWeH want to do in Scotland?
  2. What new thing does YaHWeH want to do in Edinburgh?
  3. What new thing does YaHWeH want to do in City Gates Baptist Church?

YaHWeH is always doing new things. YaHWeH is the God of the new thing. He never does an old thing again, just because it worked the first time around. YaHWeH does not do restoration, for YaHWeH never turns back the clock, and YaHWeH never restores things nor people back to a previous state or place. YaHWeH is the God of forward, not backward. YaHWeH is the God of renewal, not restoration. YaHWeH is always doing a new thing.

The new thing that is coming to Scotland, the new thing that is coming to Edinburgh, and the new thing that is coming to City Gates, is already on the horizon – but we do not yet see it for what it is simply because it is a new thing. We do not recognize that which YaHWeH has never done before but that YaHWeH will do in Scotland, that he will do in Edinburgh, and that he will do in City Gates. That is why it is time to seek YaHWeH and time to receive prophetically from him about how we prepare for that new thing.

YaHWeH’s new thing for Scotland is what this conference is all about. Join us on September 7th in City Gates and let us explore what YaHWeH is saying to us in the church in Scotland as we prepare the way as individuals, as churches, as cities, as a nation. Let us catch the wind of the Spirit and let us blow with him. Let us see the river of YaHWeH and let us sail with him. It is time to prepare the way.


Entry to the conference is free and no tickets are required. An offering will be uplifted during the day. Doors open 9:30am for a 10am start.


Click City Gate’s address in the header of this page and it will take you to Google Maps and show you where the church building is. [Google’s photographs of this area are very old .] Access to our first-floor building is from 193 Whitehouse Road and our premises are immediately above Sainsbury’s Local.


Our first floor building now has a lift installed, and work is now happening to connect a communication line to it so that lift is usable. The lift will be available for use on September 7th for this conference. I will keep you updated here on the progress of our lift’s communication line.


Lothian Buses serve the Barnton area via the service number 41 that travels from King’s Buildings through the city to Cramond. On Whitehouse Road in either direction the bus stops directly outside our building, it is called the ‘Barnton Junction’ stop.


Parking is available on Whitehouse Road and in the surrounding streets. With the exception of the ‘Disabled’ parking spaces that you can use as appropriate, please do not park in the spaces immediately outside the shops, but leave these free for incidental shoppers.


Tea and coffee will be provided at the lunch break, but please bring your own lunch. Beneath the City Gates upper floor building there are cafes and a number of shops including Sainsbury’s where you can buy sandwiches, crisps, and so on.


Please email David Broderick from theContactpage if you require further information.