‘Go DIG’ is coming to City Gates in the new year, starting in January. It is a course which aims to deepen our relationship with God in Christ, and therefore with each other. Full details of what ‘Go DIG’ is are on the page that is linked below.


If you would like to be part of the group that begins in January 2019, please let me know which best three times and days in the week that would generally work best for you. They could be mornings, afternoons, or evenings – whatever the best times and days are for you to be a part of the group. You can get that information to me by email or you can contact me at City Gates services and meetings.

Once I have a list of interested parties and see which day and time suits the most people, I will let you all know when and where the course will begin. Please note that personal information such as names, addresses and contact details will never be displayed on my website.


David Broderick

Full details of ‘Go DIG’ can be found here.